The Health Benefits of Adaptogens



Adaptogens are medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs (healing substances) that have the ability to transform overall health. The term adaptogen refers to substances that theoretically “adapt” to what your body needs and help protect against various stressors. Adaptogens are thought to decrease our sensitivity to outside stress, keeping our nervous system in a state of tranquility. Some, but not all adaptogens are commonly used in Ayurveda medicine.

There are many different adaptogens, each of which serve a unique purpose. The company I have found to make the highest quality products is called Sun Potion. On their website, they outline the benefits of each individual adaptogen. Four Sigmatic is another company that sells amazing adaptogenic products as well.

I've used adaptogens on and off for about the past year, in order to help heal some of the health issues I have struggled with, however, I never really stuck to using them for an extended period of time. Because of this, I wasn't able to see the real benefit of these amazing natural herbs. The key thing about adaptogens is that you need to use them consistently, every day, for at least three months, in order for them to work, and for your body to really be able to "adapt" and change.

However, after recently being diagnosed with PCOS, I decided that I am going to give adaptogens a try again, really committing to using them, and excited to see the healing benefits I believe they will have. The adaptogens I have use are Sun Potions Yin Power and Chaga. I put 1 tsp of each in either my morning smoothie, coconut yogurt, or chia pudding. 

Yin Power: a blend of organic and wild harvested herbs, crafted to nourish feminine energy and harmonize the whole system. Benefits of Yin Power include: immunity, creative energy, hormonal balance, mental clarity, stress relief, cellular regeneration, healthy circulation, radiance, emotional equilibrium and increased libido.

Chaga: A powerful adaptogen, rich source of B-vitamins that boosts the immune system and promotes healthy and balanced energy levels. 

As different adaptogens can help heal different health issues, it is important to research which may be the most beneficial ones for you to use for your specific needs. And as always, feel free to reach out to me with any related questions you may have, as I am always happy to discuss this conversation in greater detail and help you heal naturally! 

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