Iced Collagen Matcha Lattee


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gluten free, dairy free, sugar free

{makes 1 latte)

I N G R E D I E N T S:

  • Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Powder

  • Unsweetened vanilla (or original) almond milk

  • Ice

I N S T R U C T I O N S:

  1. Fill glass 1/3 of the way with almond milk

  2. Add one scoop of Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Powder.

  3. Blend with electric milk frother for 15 seconds.

  4. Fill cup with ice and pour almond milk over ice until glass is full.

  5. Lightly stir with a spoon and enjoy :)

* If you do not have a milk frother you can pour one cup of almond milk with one scoop matcha collagen powder in a blender and blend for 10 seconds, and then pour over a glass of ice. 

*Health Benefits of Collagen include improved gut health (better digestion, elimination, etc.),  stronger nails, fuller skin, and shinier hair.