Episode #13: The Relationship Between Constipation & Pelvic Pain

In this episode of The Women's Pelvic Pain Podcast, we are joined by Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Erica Azzaretto (who was also on the second episode), to discuss the relationship between constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction. We talk about what constipation really is, why chronic constipation can contribute to pelvic pain, what we can do to combat constipation, the role that stress and anxiety plays in chronic constipation, and how pelvic floor physical therapy can really help people who suffer from constipation, even if they do not present typical "pelvic pain" symptoms.

Erica's Contact Information:
Personal - erica.azzaretto@gmail.com
work - erica@5pointpt.com
instagram- www.instagram.com/pelvistothepeople/?hl=en

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